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What is the "Points System"? The "Points System" is an online currency system for Amino communities!
And the best of it, it's all without the use of a single bit of real money!
That's right, the used currency is all virtual, it can be earned just like you'd earn Amino reputation points!

And besides that, you don't even need to pay for it that I host and update the system, it's my hobby to code stuff, and because of that I work unpaid with all my apps/programs!

Please be aware that this service is not a official product from AminoApps/Narvii Inc., AminoApps/Narvii Inc. is not responsible for what happens on this website!

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  • The points system is designed in a sleek and modern design which is inspired by YouTube.
  • That way it should be easy to use for everyone! (Because who did not used YouTube yet?)
  • An on-screen keyboard that's directly implemented into the website.
  • No one likes Amino's "Insecure website, keyboard has been disabled" message, yet we can't change that, all we can do is to use workarounds...
  • Direct Amino integration.
  • Points accounts are linked to Amino accounts during registration, that way the points system is capable of fetching data directly from the Amino servers, including usernames, profile pictures, profile covers, and post images.

    Additionally it doubles as an identity verification for the members!
  • Reward active members.
  • With the access to Amino's servers it's possible to reward active members for their earned reputation!
  • Create donation pools, pre-defined transfers, and more.
  • The system allows various different types of content, donation pools, predefined transfers, store items, and more!

    The system is in active development, so expect more content types in the future!
  • Earn points by playing games.
  • The system offers a few games for your members to earn more points!
    Currently implemented are "Lucky chests" and "The Wheel of Fortune" as two simple basic games which can be played for Game Tokens, by default every member has two free Game Tokens everyday. (Can be configured)

    A bigger one with more interaction is planned though!